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Black Lives Matter

Black lives matter. And yes, I typically write about birds, but I’m finding it really hard to think about birding and happier times spent birding, when I know people are dying because of the color of their skin. Because people are still racist. Because they haven’t confronted their own privilege and how white supremacy makes… Continue reading Black Lives Matter

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One Month Ago

I wrote this draft over a month ago and decided not to publish it. Feeling somewhat better now, I have decided to share what I was feeling then. 6 April 2020. Today's been hard. The world I write to you from today is very different from the world I wrote to you from less than… Continue reading One Month Ago


Motivation in Goal-Making

I came across this blog post recently, and I thought I would share it here. The coach believes goals should be something that isn't exactly tangible. They should be something that you value and want out of yourself. His points: When I am working with people, I ask them hard questions not only to find… Continue reading Motivation in Goal-Making


Goals for 2015

Happy New Year!! As things go, a new year means New Year Resolutions, and I've never been a big fan of those. During my job as an Academic Success Coach last year, I learned about SMART Goals, and they're designed like this: S - Specific: Know exactly what you want to accomplish. M - Measurable:… Continue reading Goals for 2015


On My Radar: Week 5

It's been a good week! My husband and I applied to be a Big Couple, applied for an apartment, and celebrated Halloween. We were Steve and Blue from Blues Clues! Hopefully you all had a good week as well. This week, I came across a lot of interesting reads and ideas, and here are the top things that… Continue reading On My Radar: Week 5


On My Radar: Week 4

Last week was a health-oriented week for me, and I spent most of my time off of the internet and with an ice pack on my face. However, I didn't forget to put together an On My Radar post because the nature of my career has me researching interesting topics all the time! With all… Continue reading On My Radar: Week 4


On My Radar: Week 3

Goodness me, it's been a busy week! My Dad turned 60, I worked a full week, and I went to Kings Island (the lack of an apostrophe there always bothers me). I've been working on several many posts for the rest of the month, and I barely had anything to post here! With that said,… Continue reading On My Radar: Week 3


On My Radar

I've decided to try and start a new series called On My Radar. Credit goes out to The College Prepster for the idea. These posts will consist of interesting links, articles, videos, pictures, etc. that I find throughout the week. It's been a great week. On top of working, I've been reading about all kinds of… Continue reading On My Radar