Hand to God was a surprise hit in New York, but, more than that, it is a reflection of a dark and disturbing time in America. Random violence is at an all-time high. Presidential politics are reduced to schoolyard behavior. A loss of faith and civility dominate the social landscape. More often than not, fear causes us to lash out in our grief instead of seeking out the help needed for healing. Pressure leads us to bad behavior and unhealthy habits. The constant hate and violence that we witness causes us to search for a scapegoat. Hand to God asks the question: "Is the devil to blame?" But it also, perhaps more importantly, forces us to ask ourselves: "How do we share the blame?" - Bryan Fonseca, Producer
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It's been a long while since I've posted anything on here. I'm so sorry. It's been a busy several months, but once again I find myself horrified and nearly speechless at the actions of others. I just don't know what to think. I'm not going to talk about guns (though something needs to change) or… Continue reading Enough


Grad School: Experiences with MUVEs

This is a post for my LIS S401 class: Computer-Based Information Tools. This post has two parts: a description of an experience using a MUVE and ways libraries could use MUVEs. For this post, I have interviewed my husband, Daniel, who has lots and lots of experience gaming and playing MUVEs. A MUVE is a… Continue reading Grad School: Experiences with MUVEs

The set of Buyer and Cellar at The Phoenix Theatre of Indianapolis.

Thoughts: Buyer and Cellar

In my fifteen or so years being involved in theatre, never have I seen a show quite like Buyer and Cellar at The Phoenix Theatre. Firstly, it's a one-man show written by Jonathan Tolins, starring the charming Scot Greenwell, and directed by Indy powerhouse Chuck Goad (who was in Clark Gable Slept Here). Tolins has set up… Continue reading Thoughts: Buyer and Cellar


Theatre Q&A

I got this Theatre Q&A from promptsbydee, a blog you all should check out that's run by a lovely friend and former classmate of mine.  1. How old are you? Twenty-one. 2. When did you start getting into theatre? I have been acting since I was maybe seven or eight. I honestly can't remember. 3. How… Continue reading Theatre Q&A


Thoughts: Clark Gable Slept Here

Last week I had the chance to see Clark Gable Slept Here written by Michael McKeever and directed by Bryan Fonseca at The Phoenix Theatre. Aside from the amazing acting (as to be expected), I was very happy to have several interesting topics emerge. 1. Does it really matter if someone enormously famous is gay?  Without giving away too… Continue reading Thoughts: Clark Gable Slept Here


On My Radar

I've decided to try and start a new series called On My Radar. Credit goes out to The College Prepster for the idea. These posts will consist of interesting links, articles, videos, pictures, etc. that I find throughout the week. It's been a great week. On top of working, I've been reading about all kinds of… Continue reading On My Radar