A bunny bag sits on a shelf. Others sit below it.
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A Journey to Tiny Hands

A lone bag slouches on a shelf. Filled with books, all ready for tiny hands. It sits. And sits. And waits. A lone being approaches the bag, smiling. It lifts the bag and brings it to a cart. It's filled with other, bigger bags. A day passes. The bags wait. The being returns and moves… Continue reading A Journey to Tiny Hands

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via Daily Prompt: Stubborn Stubborn. Not moving. Won't budge. Not open. Closed minded. Closed. Open up. To a viewpoint. An idea. Latching onto an idea. Now stubborn with conviction. Won't give up a viewpoint. Standing your ground. Holding on. Stubborn. Being forced to let go. Tightening grip. Can't let go. Can't give in. Must stand… Continue reading Stubborn