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Black Lives Matter

Black lives matter. And yes, I typically write about birds, but I’m finding it really hard to think about birding and happier times spent birding, when I know people are dying because of the color of their skin. Because people are still racist. Because they haven’t confronted their own privilege and how white supremacy makes… Continue reading Black Lives Matter


Why Young Adult Fiction is NOT a Dangerous Fantasy

Out there in the interwebs somewhere exists a person with the name Joe Nutt. Mr. Nutt has published an article that I will not link to here, as to not give his ridiculous idea more attention by way of web traffic. This article argues that Young Adult fiction is a dangerous fantasy. Now, I do not read YA… Continue reading Why Young Adult Fiction is NOT a Dangerous Fantasy


Thoughts: Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

As is detailed in this post, Daniel and I were given the chance to see Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat with our Little, Ryan. Below are my thoughts on the show. It had been years since I last saw a production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Back then, I was still in my early teenage years and… Continue reading Thoughts: Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat


On Turning Twenty-One

I turned 21 this year, and I think the experience was different for me than it was for a lot of my peers. After starting at university at 15 and graduating at 20, I felt like I have been 21 for a long time. All of my friends are in their mid-twenties at this point,… Continue reading On Turning Twenty-One


On Teamwork and Libraries

Last week, the library system I work for held their annual Staff Day, which worked like a mini conference for all of our employees. I had a great time, and I left feeling validated and excited for my future in libraries. Below are some of the main concepts and ideas I took away from the… Continue reading On Teamwork and Libraries


On Making Change

Every person has the ability to make change in their own way. Many people choose to use their voice. Some voices are louder than others. Some are more articulate and thought-through. Some are emotional. Some are timid. I know people who use their ability to captivate an audience to their advantage. They are able to… Continue reading On Making Change


On Following Your Heart and Not Your Education System

This comic and blog post on started out on the On My Radar post for Week 3. However, as I started talking about it, I found a bit of passion that I hadn't been able to express in writing, and it became a bit long for an On My Radar post. So, I decided to give… Continue reading On Following Your Heart and Not Your Education System


On My Radar: Week 2

Sorry to have this post come so late after the weekend! It was definitely a good weekend, but I was busy working and driving around, so I didn't have a chance to get this post finished. Sorry! It's been a good week for the internet, so this is definitely a feel-good post. But be forewarned, this… Continue reading On My Radar: Week 2


Thoughts: Clark Gable Slept Here

Last week I had the chance to see Clark Gable Slept Here written by Michael McKeever and directed by Bryan Fonseca at The Phoenix Theatre. Aside from the amazing acting (as to be expected), I was very happy to have several interesting topics emerge. 1. Does it really matter if someone enormously famous is gay?  Without giving away too… Continue reading Thoughts: Clark Gable Slept Here