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On Youth

via Daily Prompt: Youth Youth is a strange topic for me. I am currently considered to be young, youthful, a "youth." However, I'm also not young enough anymore. The other day, I was out with a friend and I realized that the store "Forever 21" no longer applies to me. For years, as a college… Continue reading On Youth


Grad School: Experiences with MUVEs

This is a post for my LIS S401 class: Computer-Based Information Tools. This post has two parts: a description of an experience using a MUVE and ways libraries could use MUVEs. For this post, I have interviewed my husband, Daniel, who has lots and lots of experience gaming and playing MUVEs. A MUVE is a… Continue reading Grad School: Experiences with MUVEs


Grad School: Voki Introduction

This is a post for my LIS S401 class: Computer-Based Information Tools. Hi All! As part of a class I'm taking this semester, I've had to create a Voki introduction to my blog. To view it, please click the link (I'm having issues embedding the video). I hope you enjoy! http://www.voki.com/pickup.php?scid=12007520&height=267&width=200


Grad School: Color-Coding

In the excitement leading up to starting graduate school, I'll share a few posts about how I am currently organized / how I plan on being organized during grad school. Expect these posts each Tuesday for several weeks, and they will start off with "Grad School:" and will be categorized under "Grad School" and / or… Continue reading Grad School: Color-Coding


Past and Present: Year One

It's hard for me to believe that it's been a year since my capstone class required me to create a website, and I decided that, since I'm an English major, why not do a blog instead? As a writer, I thought having a static website where the only examples of my writing were from academic… Continue reading Past and Present: Year One


My Year in Review: 2014

2014 was quite an interesting and jam-packed year for me. Here's some of what I did (in no particular order): I got married. I graduated college. I started working at a job that will lead me to my future career as a librarian. I joined a sorority. I completed the 100 Happy Days challenge. I… Continue reading My Year in Review: 2014


The End of NaNoWriMo 2014

A few weeks ago, I posted that I was beginning my journey through National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) for the first time, and I am happy to report that I won! Winning means that I wrote 50,000 words towards a novel, and I did it. The story isn't complete, and I will probably get rid… Continue reading The End of NaNoWriMo 2014


Physical Books Might Be Better For Students

While on Facebook earlier this week, I came across this article. It says that "our brains were not designed for reading, but have adapted and created new circuits to understand letters and texts. The brain reads by constructing a mental representation of the text based on the placement of the page in the book and the word on… Continue reading Physical Books Might Be Better For Students


Accepting the Struggle is Real

Every single person on this earth deals with struggles. My struggles are different than yours. Our struggles are different than Emma Watson's struggles. Her struggles are different than the poorest of poor children. To that child, her struggles and our struggles might seem like nothing. To us, Emma's struggles might seem like nothing. But to… Continue reading Accepting the Struggle is Real


Connectedness, Originality, and Creativity: Class Takeaway 1

Author Note: This post is from my new blog, tiltingsideways.wordpress.com, which was created for a class. However, that blog is having some technical difficulties, so the post appears here. Yesterday was the start of my journey to rediscover my creative and critical thinking side; I started a class called Seeing Sideways. As part of this… Continue reading Connectedness, Originality, and Creativity: Class Takeaway 1