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Black Lives Matter

Black lives matter. And yes, I typically write about birds, but I’m finding it really hard to think about birding and happier times spent birding, when I know people are dying because of the color of their skin. Because people are still racist. Because they haven’t confronted their own privilege and how white supremacy makes… Continue reading Black Lives Matter

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My Wild 2019: Year in Review AKA I Did What?!

I did SO MUCH in 2019. Here's a snippet of everything I did.

Small yellow warbler with spots and a white rump perched on a small branch between two trees.
birding, birds, everything, personal blogging, writing

birding bits: a Cape May in April

birding bits will feature various species of birds and fun birding stories, as they happen or as I remember them. Here's the first story! In April, spring migration was getting underway, and birds were popping up all around us! Warblers were starting to stream past us in the trees, moving faster than we could get… Continue reading birding bits: a Cape May in April