Small yellow warbler with spots and a white rump perched on a small branch between two trees.
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birding bits: a Cape May in April

birding bits will feature various species of birds and fun birding stories, as they happen or as I remember them. Here's the first story! In April, spring migration was getting underway, and birds were popping up all around us! Warblers were starting to stream past us in the trees, moving faster than we could get… Continue reading birding bits: a Cape May in April

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Daily Prompt: Relocating Reflections

via Daily Prompt: Relocate What does it mean to relocate? We can relocate our lives. We can take new jobs and move to a new city, state, or country. We can move within our own city and feel as though we're relocating. I've recently moved from a townhome into an apartment in the city, and… Continue reading Daily Prompt: Relocating Reflections

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The Bubble of Ignorance – Part 2

Okay, firstly, I hadn't intended on publishing something twice in a row. This is my 100th post, and it's not what I envisioned sharing. But this is the world we live in now, and I can't make happy, woo, cutesy posts when our world is continuing to face terrible acts of injustice, murder, and hatred.… Continue reading The Bubble of Ignorance – Part 2