Welcome to the avian files!

About the Blog

This blog started off as a university capstone website, complete with a work showcase and resume, and although I graduated several years ago, I decided to maintain the blog as a platform to discuss all kinds of (hopefully) interesting topics.

That said, I’ve recently become a birder, and now almost all parts of my life revolve around birds… and that includes my writing.

I’m hoping to write more about my (mis)adventures in birding, but I will still write about events going on in my personal life.

I have biiiiig plans for the avian files, and I hope you’ll stick around for them!

About the Author: Stefany

Closely related to the cathartes aura, Stefany is a non-breeding, scavenging omnivore, who prefers climates in the 60s and 70s with decent cloud coverage. She is strongly migratory, and predicting where she will travel (or move) to next is quite impossible.

Being a scavenger, she has plenty of time to read, write, and commit to far too many activities, musicals, and jobs to be fully healthy.

She is generally pale (with a few freckles), has reddish hair, and occasionally, she adopts a blue/teal color on the underside of her hair.

She is commonly found birding at local parks, writing by the water, and wherever (indoor-only) cats can be found.



1 thought on “About”

  1. I found your blog on the BUGs list. I like the “lifelong learner” tagline. Whether we state it or not we all are learning something throughout our life, so it is great to embrace it. We will learn more if we are on the lookout for that learning.


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