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Update! Bird Song Challenge

I just published an update to my Bird-Song Challenge page!

When I initially wrote about my goal to see all the birds listed in the song Birding by the Swet Shop Boys, I had seen 25 out of the 43 birds.

Now, after a couple of trips out west, I have seen three more birds!

My lifer bushtit was seen at the Grand Canyon in November 2019. Perhaps I should say my lifer bushtit*s* because there were lots of them flitting around!

My lifer Pacific Loon was seen on a pelagic trip during the San Diego Bird Fest in February, as was my lifer Brown Booby. That was an amazing trip, full of incredible birds!

I have also probably seen a red-throated loon, but I am not 100% sure that’s what it was, so I’m not counting it yet 😉

That’s all the updates, for now, but hopefully I will have more soon!

Happy Birding!

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