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One Less Debt

One of my first “adult” purchases was a couch. Actually, it was a couch and a loveseat. One reclined electronically, and one reclined manually with cup holders in the middle.

We thought they were super cool.81438163_477763769836871_4888575447534665728_n

I didn’t (and still don’t) want a credit card, so we figured financing them through the furniture store was a good way to build credit without getting a full credit card.

I’m quite happy with the couch, but I honestly didn’t need it.

So many things we’re told we need aren’t truly needs. I realized this after it was too late, after living without a couch (while it was in production) for a few months. But the damage was done. I was on the hook for it.

I wanted to seem like a real adult, so I bought something that (I thought) would prove it. PS-it didn’t.

I honestly could’ve been just fine with getting a futon, but I didn’t know it at the time.

We gave the loveseat to our in-laws, as smaller and smaller apartments couldn’t hold both. The couch is still in my living room, and I sometimes sleep on it more than I do my bed.

It’s a quality piece of furniture, and I’ve had it for five years already. I hope this couch will hopefully last us many, many more years.

But I didn’t need it. I couldn’t afford to pay for it outright, so I had to finance it.

After four+ years of paying for it, I finally paid it off in 2019.


Lesson learned. Time to relax on this thing.



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