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2020 Priorities & Goals

Hey there!

I don’t really like doing New Years Resolutions, but I have set goals for myself in the past.

This year, I wanted to change it up a little. I’ve realized that I haven’t had super clear priorities for my life, so I wanted to firmly lay out two of my priorities for the year and set a few goals to make them so.

So without further ado, here are my 2020 priorities and goals…

priority one // family

I have a relatively small family, and they all mostly live in other states. My parents are currently on the other side of the country. I’ve gone out there a lot to visit them, but I feel like I could do more to keep in touch.

goal one: do more to communicate with my family

With setting my family as my first priority, I will write them more letters, call and facetime with them more frequently, and make time to visit them when I can.

Additionally, I will be fully present with them by limiting phone use and other distractions when I’m with them.

priority two // health

I know everyone focuses on their health in the new year, but it’s for a good reason. Without these big meat sacks hauling us around, we wouldn’t really be able to do anything. And I like to travel, so I’d better take care of my body so I can do more travelling.

To have my health as my second priority, I will have a few goals dedicated to it.

goal two: I will continue to drink more water


My boss says hydration is happiness, and I fully agree.

goal three: dance more

I grew up dancing, and I miss it. There are some local groups I can participate in, and I can also do plenty of dancing at home.

goal four: stretch more

I want to be able to do a backbend and full splits without pain again.

goal five: hike and walk more

This will probably be the easiest goal to accomplish.

goal six: eat less meat

Those are my two main priorities for 2020. I picked two priorities in order to keep things simple.

I also have other things I’d like to do in the year, but if I create too many priorities and goals, they’re less likely to be done.

However, I also want to (in no particular order):

  1. Read 20 books
  2. Write more in my daily journal
  3. Focus on my art forms more (writing, photography, dance, etc.)
  4. Finish the initial steps for my big personal project and actually get it off the ground
  5. Continue to say no more and put myself first more
  6. Continue to bird every day
  7. Finally go through all of my bird photos
  8. Travel more
  9. Level up my bird knowledge
  10. Complete a super meaningful project at work

If those things happen, that’s wonderful. If they don’t, that’s okay. Even if I make some progress to them, I’d be happy.

Ideally, 2020 will be a nice reset for me. I want to start with those two priorities, and if I can accomplish at least those, I can then move on to other areas of my life I’d like to improve.

Fingers crossed.

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