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3 & 1/2 Goals: Wrap Up!

Happy New Year!

The end of 2019 wound up being super busy and overwhelming for me (personal life projects, hello!), and I didn’t write nearly as much as I wanted to. I’ve started some things, but I didn’t publish much.

Anyhow, before I get into publishing more of what I got up to in 2019, I wanted to wrap up my 3 & 1/2 Goals that I had for the rest of 2019.

To review, they were:

  1. Read at least three books.
  2. Start my shopping ban.
  3. Complete three 30-day challenges.

And the half goal?

Reduce my commitments by half.

How did I do?

Well, I did read at least three books.

I read:

  1. The Year of Less by Cait Flanders
  2. The More of Less by Joshua Becker
  3. Everything that Remains: A Memoir by the Minimalists
  4. Minimalism: Live a Meaningful Life by the Minimalists

And I’m also about halfway through A Life Less Throwaway¬†by Tara Button.

So, huzzah! I did Goal #1!

How did the rest go?

I did, in fact, start my shopping ban. However, I did not fully succeed.

I live next to a thrift store, and I ended up giving in. I did find pieces that fit with my more-developed sense of style, and I did also donate a large portion of what I had already.

Overall though, I reduced my spending significantly, so that’s sort of a win.

I honestly think my old system of having a small cash allowance works a little better for my (sometimes spontaneous) life, so fine-tuning that might be a better long-term solution.

In terms of the three thirty-day challenges?

I did complete the first challenge (and I still do sets of squats regularly)! I started the second challenge, and I did write more, but I wouldn’t consider it fully complete.

As for the last one? I didn’t even come up with one, which is fine. I got back from one trip and immediately began planning two more. In November, I also started prioritizing my time in a very different way (see the half goal below), so I had to let some things go. That challenge was one of them.

But I don’t mind. I still have ideas for things I’d like to do and habits I’d like to form, so there’s always time to improve.

Lastly, did I reduce my commitments by half?81461117_1036775373322239_2695894475699388416_n

It might have helped to list off my commitments up front, but I DID reduce many of them.

I formally resigned from one commitment, and I let other things go slowly (and less formally).

I have two jobs, and one of them allows me a lot of flexibility in terms of scheduling, so I used that flexibility to give myself (usually) two days off in a row, which is NOT something I’d had before. Previously, I was lucky to have one day off where I didn’t do any work.

I also started completing a project that (fingers crossed) will be done soon. Procrastination is a really hard habit to break, y’all.

The hardest part was starting to be more mindful of the time I was giving to friends and who I was spending that time with.

I’m typically a yes-person and a people-pleaser. It’s given me so many¬†wonderful opportunities, but it’s also hurt me in many ways.

I started setting boundaries and evaluating my friendships more, which is hard.

Like, really hard.

So, yes, I would say I succeeded in reducing my commitments, but I also succeeded in learning what commitments are worthwhile and which ones aren’t.

All of that said, my biggest goal with these 3 & 1/2 goals was to not get caught in the trap of coming home and just sitting on the couch. So, yay?

I wanted to use what little time was left in the decade to improve my life.

And I think I succeeded.

So now what? Keep moving, keep planning, and keep working toward something good.

On to 2020!

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