2018: A Year of Change (and only a few posts… sorry)


It’s been a while, I know. I’m sorry. Finishing up this last bit of grad school has been… a struggle to say the least.

2018 in general has been a struggle.

So much so that I feel like the worst birder in existence.

It’s been a great year of firsts, but it’s also been a year of constant change.

So. Much. Change.

I’ll get more specific later, but this year has been a trying one for me. It’s been a year of loss, of pain, of regret, but it’s also been a year of happiness, of growth, of learning.

Speaking of learning, I’ve had to make a lot of hard decisions about my trajectory in life. Some decisions were ones I had to make, whether or not I wanted to. Others were welcome changes that I sought out.

I’ve had a lot of help in making those decisions, and I cannot thank my family and friends (and coworker-friends) enough. Thank you for tolerating my late-night phone calls and messages of despair. Thank you.

Speaking of despair (just kidding), I turn 25 on Friday.

Perhaps there’s something to be said about growth and change as your brain fully develops.

I’ll talk about what turning 25 means for me in a different post, but I think it’s interesting that I’ve had to go through so much this particular year.

Anywho, I’m excited to round out 2018 with a few posts about what all I’ve done this year (specifically), and I’m super excited for 2019, which I’ve enthusiastically dubbed “the year of no.”

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