Goals for 2015 Wrap-Up

2015 has been a good year for me, and I really kept my goals in mind as I made decisions throughout the year. In this post, I’ll go over how I think everything went!

You can find my original post with my goals for 2015 here, and you can find my mid-year check-in here.

One // Build a healthier lifestyle

I’m not focused on weight as much as overall well-being and satisfaction with where I’m at and what I look like. I’m not super happy with what I look like, but I do feel a lot better ending the year than starting it.

Here’s some of what I’ve been doing to work towards this goal:

Walking nearly everywhere.

I have / I’ve been:

-walking whenever/wherever I can

-walking 20 minutes or more to meet my mom for lunch once a week

-walking to meet my husband when he gets off work and I’m free (about two miles)

-walking whenever we eat out downtown

-walked two miles for the 4th of July rather than driving to watch the fireworks

-walked over five miles with my mom for Mother’s Day

-walked a mile and a half to work and back a few times

-hiked with my parents on a few photography adventures

-completed a walking challenge at my workplace!

-walked several miles through caves for our anniversary

-walked to and from Gen Con, and walked a bunch around the convention

Drinking more water.

In the month of December, I have drank at least one 8oz bottle of water a day (with a slice or two of lemon in it), and most days, I have drank over 40 ounces a day! I hardly ever drink water, so this is a small success for me, and I hope to keep it up.


My mom, husband, and I started clogging lessons in September. They were once a week, and they ended a couple of weeks ago. They’ll pick back up in February, and in the mean time, I’ll be going to a donation yoga class in that time slot.

Square Dancing.903604_10208121542618984_4338893230900242138_o

Square dancing has slowed down for me since the summer, but I still dance at least once a month!


I’ve only biked to work once this year, but I’m gearing up to bike more in 2016!


I have somewhat kept up with my journal, though not as much as I would like to. I have started a five-year journal, and I’ll be changing up how I journal regularly once I finish my current”Italy” journal.


I still haven’t re-read 8-Minute Meditation, but I do meditate once every now and then. I have been practicing mindfulness lately, and that is taking over my urge to sit and meditate.

Not Eating Fast Food.

This saves money and is healthy. I have limited myself to Arby’s (occasionally Popeye’s) and the occasional stop while travelling.

Loom Knitting.photo 3 (2)

My friend, Erica, taught me how to knit using a loom in November. Since then, I have knitted over 10 scarves and one baby blanket. This is an activity I use to keep my mind and hands occupied, and it’s a way to decompress after doing schoolwork.


Like knitting, this is a peaceful activity I have tried to do more of lately. It’s much better than sitting on the computer or in front of the TV. I’ve read 50 books this year. 🙂

Two //  Spend less money on things I don’t truly need

Daniel didn’t really like the cash system, so we’ve switched back to using our debit cards. The second half of the year saw a lot of birthdays, celebrations, weddings, and holidays, but we are still doing really well and saving a lot.

I haven’t used my budget Google Doc much lately because Daniel didn’t want me to spoil my birthday and Christmas gifts before they arrived. I will go back to it in January.

Daniel and I have been doing a good job of cooking from home, and we hardly ever spend money on going out to eat anymore.

Whenever I feel the urge to shop, I do try to stick to Goodwill, and I try to purchase clothing I know is sustainable and versatile.

Three // Read A Song of Ice and Fire series (AKA Game of Thrones) by George R. R. Martin

Still not going to happen this year (or for a very long time?) 😦

Four // Finish writing my novel from National Novel Writing Month

This didn’t happen, either, but I did participate in NaNoWriMo in November.

Five // Participate in National Novel Writing Month again

NaNoWriMo Widget
After one day of writing, my word count was 2181

I did it! I didn’t meet my goal for sure, but I did write, which counts! I really love the novel I’ve started, and I hope to participate next year.

You can read about my experiences this year by clicking here.

Six // Volunteer at least once a month

I’ve kept a Google Doc titled “Volunteer Tracker,” and I update it every time I volunteer. I sort of forgot to update it a few times with details, but I have tried to keep a general tally.

I have also started keeping track of ongoing commitments. So far, I have five commitments, which I don’t necessarily count towards my monthly goal. Those don’t all have “events” where I volunteer, so I don’t count them.

Here’s how many times I volunteered each month in 2015:

January: 4

February: 3

March: 7

April: 4photo

May: 4

June: 3

July: 3

August: 2

September: 4

October: 3

November: 6

December: 4

I think that I did a good job trying to stick to my goals. I made necessary adaptations, and I accepted the goals I didn’t meet.

Overall, it’s been a great year, and these goals guided me throughout the year.

Now, on to 2016!

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