GA Adventures – Reflection: December 2015

This is a reflection I’ve written for the Family, School, and Neighborhood Engagement Scholars I work with. Read my introduction to these here, and read the original post here.

For our December training, I asked a representative from our Counseling and Psychological Services to come and speak with our group about mindfulness and stress management.

The training went well, and I think the students really enjoyed it. We did a couple of mindful breathing exercises along with just a general discussion on what mindfulness is.

I created the following prompt for the students.


  • Take time to write about mindfulness and how you might be able to use it in your daily lives (and whether or not you might try).
  • Talk a little about your favorite moment in your scholarship thus far.


Last year, I attended a several-week course about mindfulness. I often forget to take time to practice mindfulness each day, but I have made an effort to work on mindful eating and walking every day.

I think I might continue to practice mindful eating and walking, but I might take more of an effort to do at least one small mindful breathing exercise. So often, we get sucked into our routine and forget to actually breathe properly.

In terms of my favorite moment thus far, I would say getting to be a part of the Immigrant Welcome Center’s ALL-IN Block Party in September was pretty awesome.

I had fun getting to hear the stories of people who were from other countries and how they came to be in our city.

I’m looking forward to more awesome moments next semester!photo 5

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