Being Big for Kids: #GivingTuesday

Me, Ryan, and Daniel at his 5th grade graduation. Look at those toothy grins!

It’s been a while since I’ve made a post about spending time with Ryan, our Little. Sorry about that.

We definitely have been meeting with Ryan, and we’ve still been having an awesome time. Just Sunday, we went to see Minions, which is a fantastic movie!

It’s nearly been once year since we were matched with Ryan as his Big Couple. In that time, we’ve really gotten to know him and his family. After we drop him off, we all usually hang out on his front step chatting with him and his mom while his sisters run around the yard.

His mom tells us about the impact that we’ve had on Ryan, and her words reassure me when I feel we do stuff that’s too boring. She says we could do pretty much anything and Ryan would love it.

It doesn’t matter what we do; it matters that we spend time with him.

Big Brothers Big Sisters is about spending time with your Little and becoming part of their family, even if you only see them a few times a month.

Most recently, we dropped Ryan off, and since he was still feeling under the weather, he went inside and laid down. We still wanted to catch up with his mom, so we caught up with her while his littlest sisters crawled around on the staircase giving all three of us mini heart attacks.

As we got ready to leave, his little sisters gave each of us hugs out of the blue after Ryan had come back to say good night before heading to bed. Earlier this year, one of his sisters gave me a coloring page of a My Little Pony. It’s still hanging on our fridge.

I’m happy we aren’t strangers to them. I’m happy we are a small part of their lives.

Daniel, Ryan, and I at the Meal and a Masterpiece event provided by BBBSCI!

On this Giving Tuesday, keep Big Brothers Big Sisters in mind. Give to their campaign (Holdfolio has committed to donate $5,000 if they reach 300 donors today), check out the Q&A sessions happening all day with some pretty high-profile people (transcripts are available), and read up on being a Big at bebigforkids.org.

Don’t feel pressured to donate. On this day, we have thousands of worthy causes pulling at our heartstrings to donate, and each one of them is important.

If you can donate (donate at https://www.givebig.bebigforkids.org/), your gift will make Central Indiana a smarter, safer, more compassionate,  better place to live—now and in the future. If you do donate, thank you. Your donation helps Daniel and I be better Bigs.

Also, don’t feel pressured to become a Big. It’s a “big” responsibility (see what I did there…), and not everyone is at a place in their lives where they can do it.


If you think you can take 4-6 hours a month and are willing to hang out with an awesome kid for at least one year, do it. You can definitely do it.

I know you can do it.

It’s actually fun. I promise. 🙂

Being a Big is so worth it for you and for your Little. Consider joining the Big family today.

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