GA Adventures – Reflection: October 2015

This is a reflection I’ve written for the Family, School, and Neighborhood Engagement Scholars I work with. Read my introduction to these here, and read the original post here.


Part A – Based on the descriptions given during the October training and your work in FSNE thus far, how would you describe your subject area and the work you do to a stranger?

Part B – Please talk about a project you would like to work on during your time at FSNE.


I wasn’t actually able to make it to the October training :-(, but I will still answer the prompt!

Part A

I wear several hats in my role as a Graduate Assistant here at Family, School, and Neighborhood Engagement: Health, FSNE Scholars, Development, and Near West/Great Places 2020. I will break down my roles below.


Currently, I am working with my supervisor and a Service Learning Assistant on this project. We are working on two things: combing the Quality of Life Plans for all health-related references and creating a list of campus and community resources. Once those are complete, we will begin to find data to guide our further work. We will then work with the campus and community resources to address health-related goals in the Quality of Life plans.

Here are our goals broken down:

Quality of Life Plans

  • Identify health-related goals, strategies, and action items
  • Create spreadsheet to input health-related data from Quality of Life Plans

Neighborhood Data

  • Review Health data for each neighborhood
  • Note any critical statistics that were not addressed in the Quality of Life Plans
  • Note any critical statistics that align with Quality of Life Plans


  • Create spreadsheet with community and campus resources
  • Inventory IUPUI resources that align with Quality of Life Plans and data


  • Meet community – confirm priorities for Health
  • Find community partners / work with existing community partners to set goals

Plan of Action

  • Create Plan of Action based on findings
  • Update this Work Plan once Plan of Action is created
FSNE Scholars

The Community Partner Scholar program at IUPUI, which is part of the Sam H. Jones Scholar program has been changed slightly. It is now called the Family, School, and Neighborhood Scholar program, and I am responsible for coordinating it. I plan their monthly training sessions, coordinate their schedules, and help mediate any issues that arise.

Here are my duties broken down:

Supervise FSNE Scholars / Students in FSNE

  • Collect Student Time Logs on Canvas and add them to a monthly spreadsheet
  • Collect and review monthly reflections
  • Be main point of contact for students


  • Lead Orientation
  • Help plan monthly scholar training sessions
  • Lead Values Inventory Training
  • Help them create eportfolios and digital stories

I work with the Development Director at FSNE to help locate potential grants for our many projects. photo 3So far this year, I have helped plan FSNE’s booth at the Immigrant Welcome Center‘s ALL-IN Block Party and located potential grant options for three projects.

Here are my duties broken down:


  • Research grants/funding opportunities that align with FSNE Goals
  • Find out who can fund
  • When are the deadlines?


  • Create and maintain a spreadsheet to track core information – due dates, grant amount, etc.photo 5

Editing & Writing

  • Assist Susan with editing and writing grant applications
  • Support Fundraising

Special Projects

  • Plan and attend events
Near West/Great Places 2020

This is not a formal duty, but I have worked to help the Near West and Great Places 2020 initiatives by updating and archiving their website, attending Near West Steering Committee Meetings, updating the Near West Steering Committee contact list, and attending the Great Places 2020 Public Forums.

Part B

To be honest, I am satisfied with the projects I have been working on at this point. However, I would like to help out with revamping the Near West website. I think that would be a project that caters to my interests.

But other than that, I’m happy with what I’ve been working on so far 🙂

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