On One Year of Marriage

Past & Present: On One Year of Marriage

Happy Labor Day, US folks!10469373_10204820749021207_3642174395043947195_n

For me, this Labor Day marks one year of being a married woman (and six years of being with my husband)!

Growing up, I always heard the first year of marriage is the hardest one, but I think it’s been the best year of our relationship.

I just wanted to take a moment and reflect a little on what we’ve accomplished this year, but first, let’s start with what we haven’t accomplished:

We aren’t “settled,” by traditional definitions:

-We didn’t buy a house.

-We didn’t have kids.

-We both didn’t immediately get full-time jobs.

However, we have been more settled and our lives are more stable than they ever have been: 

-We have an apartment without roommates (just the two of us and Razo).10383487_10205255859898707_6915505851249669903_n

-We have a cat (aka Razo).

-Daniel has a full-time job.

-I have three part-time jobs and am a full-time graduate student.

All of that considered, I think we have had a wonderful first year of marriage:

-We travelled to England to visit a friend.

-We enrolled as Bigs in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program.

-We completed Mainstream and Plus Square Dance lessons.

-We’ve enjoyed a LOT of theatre together.

-We finally have a regular routine (even if it seems hectic from the outside).

Of course, not every day is super wonderful, romantic, and fantastic. That would be boring, and it completely misses the point. Daniel and I work together through any disagreements we have (though they’re usually small), and at the end of the day, we can fall asleep knowing that we are there for one another.

Happy first anniversary, Daniel. I love you!


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