Grad School: Event Organizing

Grad School: Event OrganizingEveryone has their own way of keeping track of upcoming events.

My husband didn’t use any sort of calendar, planner, agenda, etc. at all during his time at university. How he managed that, search me…

All truth be told, I didn’t even have a planner until around my junior year of university. But as I got more involved on campus, my brain suddenly lost its capacity to keep track of events, homework, meetings, classes, and more, so I found myself in need of a planner.

And just to be clear, there is absolutely nothing wrong with keeping a planner, nor is it always necessary. It’s not a sign of weakness by any means, and, for me, it helps relieve a lot of nerves and keeps me from panicking in the middle of the night about an event I may have missed.

As I am always interested to see how other people keep their lives organized, I thought I would share how I make sure I don’t miss an event or overbook myself.

Here’s how I keep track of my events:

– Google Calendar

Though it took me a long time to adopt, I find that Google Calendar is really convenient, especially because it’s synced to my iPhone’s calendar application.

Click here to see how I color-code my Google Calendar.

Google Calendar Example

– Physical Planner / Weekly & Monthly Agenda

The best way for me to be sure I remember something is to write it down. Filling in my Google Calendar is a good way for me to know what’s happening if my planner isn’t handy, but I always find I remember my schedule a lot easier if I write it down.

I currently have a Sugar Paper brand of planner, purchased at Target. In the past, my favorite planners have been from Blue Sky, also purchased at Target. However, when I went planner shopping this year, no Blue Sky planners were available, but my current planner works just fine.

This planner was thicker than I usually like my planners because of the large “Notes” section in the back. However, I have made it work by removing months as time goes on.

Sugar Paper 2015 Planner CoverFor the monthly section of my planner, I will usually assign repeated events (jobs, square dance lessons, Delta Zeta events, etc.) a shorthand code–such as “UL” for my work at the University Library–so I don’t have to keep writing a long phrase over and over.

April 2015 Monthly Planner

For the weekly part of my planner, I usually try to add any extra details, such as locations, phone numbers, email addresses, etc. Also, at the beginning of the school year, I will write down all test and homework due dates in the planner and update them as needed.
July 2015 Weekly Planner

– Mounted Wall Calendar

The calendar on my wall is laid out the same as in the monthly planner, but I like to keep it whether or not I write in it because it’s always good for an at-a-glance check during a phone call or when drafting an email.

And that’s how I try and keep my events organized. At some point, I’ll write about how I keep track of my homework assignments.

Next week, I’ll chat about a bag I take with me nearly everywhere, but until then, let me know what you think of my event-organizing system and what you do to keep track of your events!

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