Being Big for Kids: Seeing JOSEPH

Being Big for Kids 2.0This is the twelfth post in a series on being part of a Big Couple through Big Brothers Big Sisters. If you haven’t read the previous posts and would like more context, please click here for an archive of the posts. 

My husband works for a local theatre in Indianapolis, and we are both interested in all things arts and theatre. I’ve been acting since I was veeeeery young, and Daniel found his passion for theatre in high school.

Occasionally, we are given the opportunity to see plays and musicals at a discount or without cost (Being young and without a lot of extra spending money, we are SO thankful for these opportunities).

Recently, we were given the chance for tickets to see Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.IMG_0822

I hadn’t seen the musical since middle school or high school, and Daniel had never seen it, so we looked up some reviews and family-friendly ratings. Most reviews were positive, and the show was consistently touted as being very family-friendly.

We ran the idea by our Little’s mother and asked if our Little would be interested in seeing a musical. She said that she wouldn’t mind him going and the he loved the idea.

So, on Wednesday, April 8th, we drove through a thunderstorm, picked up our Little, Ryan, and drove to Clowes Memorial Hall at Butler University to see Joseph.

We got there with plenty of time to spare, found our seats, and looked through the program.

Once the show started, I could tell Ryan was fascinated by the technology and how they were all singing and dancing live. 

11102949_10206285823647157_7559283894618020050_nPart of the way through the show, however, there were some technical difficulties (a piece of the set wasn’t lowering). That provided us with the opportunity to tell him a little more about how live theatre works and that sometimes, things go wrong.

We talked about how well the actors covered for the mistake and that you couldn’t even notice something was wrong until they made the announcement and lowered the curtain.

Unfortunately, there were some, ahem, not so family-friendly parts to the show in the first act. From our advance research, we knew there would be at least one bad part, and the review was right. The review did say, however, that kids would most likely not be able to tell that it was a bad part, but Ryan called them out on it.

He said, “I thought this was supposed to be a kid-friendly show.”

Daniel and I thought so, too, especially since there were crowds of children of many ages.

Other than that scene, the only problem with the kid-friendliness I had were that the costumes and dance choreography were a bit more sexier than what I believe qualifies as kid-friendly.

Thankfully, the rest of the show went well, and Ryan seemed to enjoy himself.

After we’d dropped him off at home, Daniel and I had a good conversation with Ryan’s mother. I’m happy we’re starting to get to know Ryan’s family a lot better.

Overall thoughts and lessons learned:

-You can’t always control the family-friendliness of an event you attend, even if you plan ahead.

-Relationships with your Little’s family develop over time. Don’t rush it.

Are you (or have you been) part of the Big Brothers Big Sisters Program? Have you watched a musical or play together? Which one, and how did it go?

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