Being Big for Kids: First Apartment Visit

Being Big for Kids 2.0 (1)This is the eleventh post in a series on being part of a Big Couple through Big Brothers Big Sisters. If you haven’t read the previous posts and would like more context, please click here for an archive of the posts. 

There is a three-month waiting period before a match is allowed to spend time at the Big’s place of residence.

photo 3Close to when we hit our third month as a match (yay!), our Match Support Specialist (MSS), Nick, emailed us a survey to fill out and return. After that was satisfactorily filled out and returned, we got the go-ahead to bring our Little, Ryan, over to our apartment.

So, we invited our Little over. On Sunday, March 29th, we picked him up (sadly, we arrived later than planned, as I was late leaving an event about 45 minutes north of where Ryan lives, but we called ahead of time to make sure that was okay), and drove to the local grocery store, Marsh.

We’d asked his mom ahead of time if it would be okay if we showed him how to make grilled cheese sandwiches. She thought it was a great idea, so we made up a grocery list.

Ryan was in charge of helping us find groceries (he was good at it, too), and we wound our way around Marsh until all of the necessary ingredients were gathered.photo 2

Once we had the groceries, we drove a short few minutes and pulled into our apartment.

We made the grilled cheeses, and we showed him how Daniel and I like to make ours (with provolone cheese and pesto).

After enjoying those, Ryan had a good time playing with our cat, Razo while Daniel finished up eating his grilled cheese (we only have room to make one at a time on the frying pan, and the sandwiches would get cold if we waited for everyone to finish cooking theirs).

Once Ryan and Razo were thoroughly played out, we chatted with Ryan about different ideas of things we could do next time he came over.

We talked about renting movies from the library and having a movie night, having a game board night, having a video game night, and doing more cooking together.

Closer to when we were ready to leave, we asked Ryan if it would be okay for him to help us with our recycling. We showed him how we collect pop tabs, Box Tops, and bottle caps (for a promotion my university is doing), and we showed him how we recycle things normally.

He’s awesome (as always) and agreed to help us carry our recycling to the community recycling bin our apartment complex uses. I think he had a good time getting to dump everything in there.

After that, we took him home.

photo 5Bonus: When we got to his house, one of his sisters gave me a coloring page she’d colored for me. It’s now on our fridge. 🙂

Bonus #2: Ryan’s eight-year-old sister now has a Big Sister of her own!!!!! YAY!

Overall thoughts and lessons learned:

-The first apartment visit went well, in my opinion. We had wanted to keep it short and simple for the first visit, and see if there was anything we needed to tweak for the next visit.

-Next time we bring him over, I think we’ll play a bunch of board games. He’s told us some of his favorites, so we’re trying to find those.

Are you (or have you been) part of the Big Brothers Big Sisters Program? Have you invited them to your place of residence? Why or why not? If so, how did it go?

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