Theatre Q&A

I got this Theatre Q&A from promptsbydee, a blog you all should check out that’s run by a lovely friend and former classmate of mine. 


1. How old are you?


2. When did you start getting into theatre?

I have been acting since I was maybe seven or eight. I honestly can’t remember.

3. How many shows have you been in?

Oh dear… Last time I checked it was well over twenty. That isn’t counting the small bits and scenes from shows I’ve done in classes either.

4. Favorite role ever played?

I’m not sure… Maybe Hermia in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. She’s short, feisty, loyal, and fierce, and I think we can relate to each other.

Old school mirror selfies for the win
Old school mirror selfies and braces for the win!

Also, I had a good time playing the Pippitfly in The Curious Quest for the Sandman’s Sand when I was little. Whenever the character would eat cheese, I think, she would sneeze and fly backwards. We had a gigantic ramp that I would have to run, er fly, up backwards.

5. A tip you always give to new theatre kids?

Just keep acting. Don’t worry about what parts you get. Just keep doing it. Also, auditions are intimidating, but they are well worth it.

6. Biggest theatre pet peeves?

When people forget they’re part of a team, and when people forget why we do theatre.

7. Who is your biggest inspiration in theatre?

Oh goodness. Probably just the “big stars” in my local theatre community. It has been amazing to watch them perform in show after show after show and how they never lose their love for bringing stories to new audiences.

8. What’s your dream role?

I don’t know if I have one, to be honest. I think my dream would be to play as many diverse characters as possible. Like, do a lot from different genres and play different types of characters. Villains, heroes, college girls, old ladies, moms, daughters, sisters, mentors, etc. Just to branch out and play characters that are outside of my comfort zone.

9. Plays or musicals? 

Both, but if I had to choose one… musicals?222840_2009359876308_164776_n

10. Favorite drama game?

The “This is a what?” game. It’s to get you to focus on two tasks at once, without faltering.

It’s hard to explain by typing, but it has a group of people in a circle. They get an item and have to show it to the next person by saying, “This is a ___.” Person B responds with saying, “A what?”

It goes like this:

“This is a ___.” “A what?” “A ____.” “A what?” “A ____.” “Oh! A ____.”

Then Person B turns to the next person (Person C) and tells them what it is. Person B has to not only hear what the next item is, but they have to relay the first item to the next person.

Does that make sense?

11. What’s your favorite show?

I recently got to see River City produced by the Phoenix Theatre, and it has definitely become one of my favorites. In terms of musicals, one of my favorites is Miss Saigon. More favorites would include, The Importance of Being Earnest, Avenue Q, The Producers, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and there’s probably so many more…

12. Most awkward onstage moment?

Probably when an actor forgot all of his lines and started making things up, which turned out to be hilarious jumbles of words (“It’s Shakespeare, no one knows it anyway”). It was really hard for everyone onstage (and backstage) not to break character and laugh.

13. What would you do if theatre didn’t exist?

If it had never existed: I probably would have struggled with trying to find a creative outlet for my energy and would be very bored as an adult.

If it were to suddenly be outlawed or something: I would probably start or join an underground movement to bring it back.

I’m going to tag chommpers and anyone else who wants to share!

Are you involved in theatre, or do you prefer to just watch it? 

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