Past and Present: Blogging Goals

Friday was the anniversary of my first blog post here (and ever!) on Past and Present: Writings from Stefany Boleyn, a Lifelong Learner.

Over the year, I have set goals for myself to develop this blog further. I’ve changed the subtitle from “Writings from a University Senior” to “Writings from a Lifelong Learner” to “Writings from Stefany Boleyn, a Lifelong Learner.” I have also changed the theme once and tried to create a more user-friendly page.

My ultimate goal was to stick with it. Though some major life events (aka graduating and getting married) hindered me from writing monthly, I am proud of what I have so far.

image (8)
My assistant, Razo, should help me keep these goals.

I fully plan on growing this blog further, and to do so, I have set some goals for myself:

ONE // Create a regular schedule

Honestly, I’m more of an editor than I am a writer. My posts spend a minimum of a week to an eternity in the drafting and editing stages. I don’t write about easy topics usually, and I have to develop my ideas, research them, and put them in some organized fashion before I schedule the post to publish. And especially since this isn’t a full-time project (I work two other jobs and am applying to graduate school), I sometimes forget to finalize my drafts.

However, my goal is to write at least four posts a month (hopefully 1/week on the same day). Ideally, I would eventually get to a point where I publish a post every other day with a regular schedule.

This goal will hopefully help me to a) create more content for you, the reader and b) to help myself learn to stick to quick deadlines.

TWO// Shorten posts

Whether it comes from harsher editing or from making one long post into a series, I need to stop creating walls of text for you to read.

THREE// Add more media

Even when I’m trying to keep them short, my posts can get rather lengthy (apologies), and adding pictures can help ease the eyesore that is a wall of text. My main goal is to take more original photos (rather than recycling old ones) for each post and to have at least one featured image per post.

FOUR// Participate in Blogging U

Hopefully I will be able to do both Blogging 101 and 201. Currently, I’m registered for Blogging 101, so I’m already halfway there!

With these goals in mind, I’m excited to see what Past and Present looks like a year from now!

Do you blog? Do you create goals for your blog, go with the flow, or something else? Let me know in the comments!

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