Past and Present: Year One

It’s hard for me to believe that it’s been a year since my capstone class required me to create a website, and I decided that, since I’m an English major, why not do a blog instead?

As a writer, I thought having a static website where the only examples of my writing were from academic essays was kind of pointless. I believe that I should create content that is less formal to go along with the formal essays. This blog keeps me writing, keeps me thinking, and keeps me learning.

After about a month, I've finally got my work space up and running!
After about a month, I’ve finally got my work space up and running!

Deciding to create a blog rather than a website made sense to me. Not only am I able to provide links to my academic work, but I am also able to show that I am continuing to write beyond graduation. Best of all, I am able to write about topics and issues that I care about.

I never took myself to be a person who could blog, and before I started, I had only ever followed one blog… but here I am, a year into it, and I love it.

After 41 posts (42 counting this one), I can’t believe how far that it’s come.

I’m constantly drafting out posts and writing ideas down. Though not all of my ideas get published, I’m happy with the content that now lives here on my WordPress page.

On Sunday, I’ll list out my goals for developing Past and Present further.

Thanks for reading thus far! Is there anything you want me to write about or would like to see on this blog? Let me know in the comments!

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