Being Big for Kids: Initial Meeting

Being Big for Kids 2.0 (10)This is the second post in a series on being part of a Big Couple through Big Brothers Big Sisters. If you haven’t read the previous post and would like more context, click here for an archive of the post and of future posts. 

On Tuesday, December 16th, 2014, my husband, Daniel, and I were able to meet our Little, Ryan, for the first time.

Our Match Support Specialist, Nick, led this meeting. He’d gotten to Ryan’s house early to fill out paperwork and discuss the program with Ryan and his mom.

When we got there, we discussed goals for the match and what kinds of activities Ryan would be interested in doing with Daniel and I.

What we plan on doing this year.We were given a folder with permission forms, activity ideas, and emergency contact info in it.

We also received our badges and Big Brothers Big Sisters Tshirts, and we took our first picture, which ended up getting mailed to us. It resided on our refrigerator for about a month, and it’s now on a photo board in our living room.

The library system I work for was having a free book drive with the goal to give every child a free book to read over the holiday.

While at work that day, I picked out a pop-out book of ships and boats throughout history, since we had been told he’d be interested in canoeing and kayaking.

We gave it to him as a sort of “welcome to being a Little” gift, and he and his sisters (especially the two-year-old) ended up loving it. I’m pretty sure at least one of the masts is now separated from a ship.

Since that first meeting, I have added an extra file holder to what we were given. I picked it out from Target ages before we had applied to be Bigs, and it ended up working perfectly.

From Left: Daniel, Ryan, and I. Sorry about the bad quality, but it's our first picture together!
From Left: Daniel, Ryan, and I. Sorry about the bad quality, but it’s our first picture together!

Our I keep receipts, emergency contact information, and other items (such as a re-loadable arcade card) in it and take it with us on each outing.

Ryan ended up being a great fit for us! We couldn’t wait to schedule our next meeting with him, which would be our first official outing.

On Thursday, I’ll write about that first outing with Ryan.

Are you (or have you been) part of the Big Brothers Big Sisters Program? What was your first meeting like? If not, would you consider being a part of it?

Let me know in the comments below! 

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