Motivation in Goal-Making

I came across this blog post recently, and I thought I would share it here. The coach believes goals should be something that isn’t exactly tangible. They should be something that you value and want out of yourself.

His points:

When I am working with people, I ask them hard questions not only to find out what external goals they want to achieve (marathons, fat loss, etc.) but I also ask them hard questions to find out what kind of person they want to be.

If you want to be a healthy person, but discover that marathons are terrible for your body, then you can be a healthy person who does yoga every day or powerlifts.

I couldn’t agree with him more, except that I do happen to like SMART Goals. And I’m happy that I came across the idea, because it got me thinking about my goals. I would check out his blog post before reading any further…

Overall, I think I have created goals that aren’t superficial and that allow me to grow as a person. I’ve created goals that are realistic and are something I genuinely want. I think they’re manageable and can always be revised, updated, and crossed out if they don’t end up being something that I think is worth the time. For example, if I end up hating the Game of Thrones books, I won’t finish reading them. However, I will try to finish the series.

Here are my goals, with some of the main reasons I created them as goals for 2015:

ONE // Build a healthier lifestyle

I want to go back to how I used to be, but with less-processed food options. Working out used to be a daily thing for me, and so far, I’m having no trouble getting back into the swing of things. Plus, home-cooked meals taste better 🙂

TWO //  Spend less money on things I don’t truly need

This one fits into a couple of my life goals: be able to travel lots and have more than enough savings to survive if either my husband and I were to lose our jobs.

THREE // Read A Song of Ice and Fire series (AKA Game of Thrones) by George R. R. Martin

I love reading, and I want to be able to discuss the series with my friends… simple enough.

FOUR // Finish writing my novel from National Novel Writing Month

This one is more because I want to know what happens. I haven’t planned out the novel, so I want to see where my characters take me. It’s more out of curiosity than a desire to publish the novel.

FIVE // Participate in National Novel Writing Month again

This goal is here simply because I enjoy writing, and I like having an organized time to push myself and write even more.

SIX // Volunteer at least once a month

I love helping others, and I think it’s my job as a human to give back to a world that has given me plenty of opportunities. Volunteering gives me a rush of happiness and a drive to do more for the world. It motivates me and gives me ideas to bring back to my job, and it educates me on social issues I may not know about.

I know I’m not a perfect goal-creator, and feel free to disagree with me and the coach. I think understanding the motivation behind my goals will making reaching them easier. They aren’t just something I’ve created to go with the trend of creating New Year’s resolutions; they’re something I want and I know why I want to reach them.

What do you think?

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