Goals for 2015

Happy New Year!!

As things go, a new year means New Year Resolutions, and I’ve never been a big fan of those.

During my job as an Academic Success Coach last year, I learned about SMART Goals, and they’re designed like this:

S – Specific: Know exactly what you want to accomplish.

M – Measurable: Have ways to track and evaluate your progress.

A – Achievable/Attainable: Is it a goal you can see yourself working towards? You can set the goals high, but don’t set it too high that you’ll end up making excuses not to do it.

R – Realistic/Relevant: (SMART Goals can change depending on your situation, but for this one, I’m going to keep “relevant” in mind) Is the goal something that fits into your life at the moment? For example, if I were to set a goal to make a million dollars selling real estate by June, it wouldn’t fit my life.

T – Timely: Give yourself a deadline, and try to hold yourself to it.

I have chosen to set up my goals/resolutions for 2015 with the SMART Goal system in mind. Here they are:

ONE // Build a healthier lifestyle

I’ve been working towards this since last year by moving into a new apartment that allows me to live healthier. There is a free 24-hour workout facility in the community, and it’s close walking/biking distance to pretty much everything downtown. Also, I have my own kitchen, and my husband and I have been actively working to create healthier meal plans and incorporate more fruits and vegetables into our diets.

I have also committed to a weekly running program with my best friend that starts January 31st, and along with that, I also committed to weekly square dance lessons. I hope to sign up for at least one other class at an affordable fitness center I attend.

Lastly, I include mental health into my definition of a “healthier lifestyle,” so I plan on continuing to journal regularly and to try the 8-minute meditation program. I’ve read the book twice, but my goal is to read it a third time, and to stick with it all year.

TWO //  Spend less money on things I don’t truly need

Living at my parent’s house last year helped me build some awful spending habits. I’m known as the “saver” in my family, thanks to my Grammy, but I started spending and spending. It started with my wedding, and it just snowballed from there. Not being able to cook meals at home didn’t help either, so hopefully my new living situation will help save more money.

I have also been creating meal and budget guidelines, so hopefully I will be able to use those as guidance and accountability.

Lastly, I plan on using cash and checks (when applicable) more. When I can see how much money I have when I’m out shopping, I am less likely to buy something I didn’t plan on (This has worked for me in the past.).

THREE // Read A Song of Ice and Fire series (AKA Game of Thrones) by George R. R. Martin

I have so many friends who have read the books and watched the television show that it’s getting hard to come up with reasons as to why I haven’t read them yet. So this year, I will read them.

Starting at the beginning of summer, I managed to read 38 books by the end of 2014. With five published books in the extremely popular series I know pretty much nothing about, I should be able to have it finished by the end of the year.

FOUR // Finish writing my novel from National Novel Writing Month

Though I “won” NaNoWriMo, I did not complete the novel. My goal is to take time at least once a week to sit and work on the novel. It doesn’t have to be edited and pretty, but it needs to be done.

This goal needs to be completed by the beginning of November 2015, as my next goal is to…

FIVE // Participate in National Novel Writing Month again

I had a blast last year, so this is a must-do.

SIX // Volunteer at least once a month

With Days of Service at my university, and with my subscriptions to weekly volunteer emails, I should be able to find something to do AT LEAST once a month.

Well there you have it. Those are my Goals for 2015. At the end of this year, I’ll take a look back and see how I did. What are your goals for the new year?

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