On My Radar: Week 5

Us on Halloween
My husband and I on Halloween

It’s been a good week! My husband and I applied to be a Big Couple, applied for an apartment, and celebrated Halloween. We were Steve and Blue from Blues Clues! Hopefully you all had a good week as well.

This week, I came across a lot of interesting reads and ideas, and here are the top things that are on my radar this week:

ONE // A 100-year-old notebook has been recovered from Antarctica.

It is unlikely that any of my notebooks will be found enclosed in ice after a hundred years, but the chances of that would increase if I went on an expedition to Antarctica like George Murray Levick did. His notebook and photos were recovered, preserved, and digitized after almost 100 years of being frozen!

I believe I have listened to a podcast by Stuff You Missed in History Class about the leader of the expedition, Captain Robert Falcon Scott, and his not-so-successful race to the South Pole.

Regardless of the success of the quests on the frozen continent, finding this notebook and photographs is astounding.

TWO // Lauren Anne Rice is writing a book on Evelyn McHale.

She’s doing more than just tell Evelyn’s story. Here’s how she puts it: “This is a story about genetic mental illnesses, family life, life as a woman, divorce, depression, tragedy, and beauty.” I don’t know much about Evelyn, but from what I’ve read about her and the author, I can strongly relate.

This book is very important because there needs to be more open discussion on mental illness. The stigma of being mentally ill is real, and those who have never experienced it or been around someone experiencing it need to read this to gain an understanding of what it’s like to live with mental illness.

If you are like me and you are interested in the book being published, go and support her at http://www.evelyn.pubslush.com

If you want to read Lauren Anne Rice’s blog, go to http://laurenannerice.wordpress.com/

THREE // You can donate to an animal shelter by walking your dog and using this app.

Walk for a Dog is an app that allows you to donate money to an animal shelter of your choosing just by walking your dog. I haven’t used this app specifically, though I will be trying it out, but I use a similar app called Charity Miles. That app donates money per mile as you walk, run, or bike.

I don’t walk my dogs as much as I should, since we have a doggie door and a huge back yard, but this app is motivating me to walk them more. Check out their website and their FAQ section to find out how it works.

That’s all for this post! Keep Reading!

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