Library Love

To people that know me, it should be no secret that I love pretty much everything to do with libraries. I happen to love them so much that I hope to get a Masters in Library and Information Science within the next couple of years, and I currently work in two libraries.

So it should come as no surprise that when one of my coworkers introduced me to some really cute websites that sell tshirts, tote bags, gifts, socks (?!), and so much more related to libraries and books that I went into full geek mode and had to post them on here.

So here are the links: http://outofprintclothing.com/ and http://www.zazzle.com/library+gifts

On Zazzle, you can search a range of gifts. I just typed libraries in the search bar, but I know there are other gifts available depending on what you search for. They have all kinds of really neat things to buy.

Out of Print has a lot of really neat items, too. My favorite is this tote bag. 











Second, if you work / have ever worked in a library, you’ll probably be able to relate to the comic Unshelved by Ambaum and Barnes. I can’t relate to every single comic, but they’re still funny. Even non-library people can probably find the humor. 

If I’ve got you curious, head over to www.unshelved.com to read their daily posts and comics. And if you happen to fall in love, pledge to their Kickstarter.

I’ve been following them on and off for several years at this point, and I never get tired of it.

But that’s all for today! Hope you found something you like.

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