Accepting the Struggle is Real

Every single person on this earth deals with struggles. My struggles are different than yours. Our struggles are different than Emma Watson’s struggles. Her struggles are different than the poorest of poor children. To that child, her struggles and our struggles might seem like nothing. To us, Emma’s struggles might seem like nothing. But to each and every one of us, we don’t feel like it’s nothing. We all struggle, and that’s what matters.

I used to (and still sometimes do) feel guilty when I’m in tears over something seemingly small and I know there’s someone out there facing incredible injustice. But, I can’t make my struggle vanish. It’s still there, and feeling guilty won’t help it.

Why would anyone be told that their struggles aren’t valid because other people struggle more? How does that encourage societal growth? How does that attitude encourage people to help each other? It doesn’t.

Humans are all in the struggle of life together. We’re all in a constant “I help you, you help me, we help them, we help each other more, etc.” cycle. We need to look out for and help each other.

I’m not fond of the idea that you have to have your life together in order to help someone else. I sure don’t have myself together completely, but I still seek opportunities to help others whether it’s by volunteering or just helping out a friend. I use helping others as a way to help me get my life together. If I’m in need, I don’t want someone who’s got it together and thinks that is justifies them helping me. No, I want someone who’s also felt down or been in a situation that allows them to empathize with me. I don’t want sympathy or pity. I want someone who empathizes. But really though, who has their life together completely?

We all have issues we deal with daily. We all have decisions to make. So if we all struggle, how can we have our lives together? We can’t.

So now what? Now we help one another get through their struggles because all struggles are valid, and helping someone get through theirs will slowly help the world get through the rest. So don’t be worried if you want to help but feel like you can’t because you don’t feel you’ve got it together enough to be qualified. You are qualified because you’re human. And if you help someone, someone will most likely help you or you end up helping yourself.

The struggle is real. My struggle is real. Your struggle is real. Their struggle is real. Do something about it by helping each other.

To quote Avenue Q, “When you help others, you can’t help helping yourself.”

(language warning)

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