The Promises of Chaos Theory

Since I am about to graduate from university, I have been thinking about my future career path quite a bit. During my capstone course, we were able to read a couple of chapters from Katherine Brooks bookYou MajorYou Majored in What?ed in
What? Mapping Your Path from Chaos to Career. 
One of the chapters we read had to do with Chaos Theory, which states that most career paths don’t follow a linear path, especially when one majors in the field of Liberal Arts.

Even though I know a few people who have followed a linear track for their careers, most of my friends, family, and advisers have all followed a more chaotic track in their lives, and some of them still believe they haven’t found a career they’ve settled on. When they would talk to me about their career path, I used to shrink back and start panicking about my future. They all talked about it like that’s how it was supposed to be or how it was planned out, but their lives were never that planned. They just went with the flow of their careers. After learning about Chaos Theory, I realized that I don’t have to panic about my future. I can plan, but I need to accept that my plan will most likely change.

This quote from the book sums it up well: “Now, just in case you’re getting a little nervous about all these changes that seem out of your control, Chaos Theory comes to the rescue because it holds that systems will ultimately reveal an order.”

This definitely seems to be true for those people I know whose lives have followed a more chaotic path. I’m always being told to relax, but it’s difficult to sometimes. I particularly enjoy this quote because it gives me the peace and the relaxation necessary to make it through. According to the book, Chaos Theory is mathematical, which also provides some consolation. So, even though that my future careers are most definitely a mystery, doors will eventually open, and my chaotic track will become more clear. Chaos Theory seems to be a lesson in patience, but it has great rewards.

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