One-Hundred Dollars to Solve a Problem

You have been given a $100 to come up with a solution to a local problem/need.

This semester, I took an Introduction to Mentoring course, where I was asked to come up with a $100 Dollar Solution. If you haven’t heard of it, click here. I thought I would share my solution, as I think everyone has a solution in their head; they just need a place to express it.  Who knows? Someone might adapt your solution and solve the problem!

The following post is adapted from what I came up with for the class:

After toying around with several ideas, I finally settled on one. This could really be adaptable to lots of situations, but I will stick with the one I listed. Here’s what I have come up with:

The problem: There is an increasing number of people in many states who are overdosing on drugs. Back in Eastern Kentucky, we recently (as in his funeral was Tuesday) lost the son of a good friend of my family’s to an overdose. Drug overdoses in that area are becoming increasingly common, and it’s tearing families apart, including mine.

The solution: So, I have decided to combat this problem in two ways:

1. Pretty well everyone knows someone who knows someone else that you know. They’re a community. By word of mouth and $10 spent towards making flyers, we will spread the word about a community day. There are many organizations that are willing to combat the issue, so we will all gather in a park (probably Jenny Wiley State Forest). I will gather up as many organizations as possible that are willing to donate their time to come and hang out for a day (the kickoff). The kickoff will be a big cookout. I will leave $50 to go to food for the event, and I hope others will donate or bring food. During the kickoff, I will either speak or bring an expert in to speak about the effects of drugs and how to prevent an overdose. I will also invite police, EMT’s, and firemen to speak about how they combat the issue. After that, I will organize walks around the park. These walks will get everyone out of their homes and into nature. The idea of the nature walks is to provide the families who have lost someone to an OD time away from the usual. This event will be monthly and will rely on people bringing in food and strengthening the community. The focus will be on the speaker and the walks.

2. After getting in to talk to local judicial representatives, I will set up a program to partner with the organizations who come to the event. They will likely need volunteers, so I will offer the families who participate in the event the chance to volunteer, but I will focus on those who have been arrested on minor drug charges. They will work in these organizations that combat drug abuse or a related issue, and they are allowed to come to the event. Hopefully having human interaction, community service, and a chance to walk in nature will help them start to kick the habit. Of course, anyone is welcome to volunteer. I’m hoping to get the local animal shelter involved, too. They always need volunteers, and caring for animals can be therapeutic.

This solution relies on the community. Hopefully, there can be some sort of fundraising after the $100 runs out, but the focus should be on giving and being out in nature. The organizations give their time and resources for the event, and people will volunteer for them. Everyone gets to be out in nature and experience the beauty, which is really what the event is all about.

I’m happy I didn’t major in business.

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