Language Use and Stephen Fry

To add onto my “Clarity in Writing” post, I found this animation video with Stephen Fry discussing language changes and how a lot of people on the internet are sticklers to old “rules.” His opinion basically tells these grammar sticklers to get over it. I will admit that I have my own pet peeves when it comes to language “rules,” but I generally don’t go about expressing them; they are my personal opinions, and what bugs me isn’t wrong–I just have my own preference.

If you get a chance to watch the video, do so! He brings up that grammar sticklers usually voice their pet peeves for the sake of clarity, but when people (not always, of course) break traditional grammar rules, they do so because it flows more and is more clear and natural.

Honestly, I think language is always changing and evolving. It doesn’t matter how many rules there are and how many times we’re told to memorize them; we will almost always use what sounds the most clear and makes the most sense.

What do you think? Should we stick to the “rules,” or should we let language change happen?

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